Buying credit owner how does it work?

Do you own one or more properties? Do you have mortgages and/or have one or more consumer credit line(s) in repayment?

Discover without delay the repurchase of credit for owner. A solution to improve the management of the budget and obtain a new credit in the form of cash.

Who is the repurchase of credit owner?

Who is the repurchase of credit owner?

The repurchase of credit owner is eligible only for borrowers who own at least one property.

The grouping of loans for homeowners is more specifically intended for home buyers, that is to say who are becoming owners of their property, or to people in full ownership, that is to say who have the property. complete property of their property without having real estate credit in repayment.

Purchase of unsecured owner credit

Purchase of unsecured owner credit

The repurchase of unsecured homeowner credit, known as consumer credit buyback is a formula of that allows to fully or partially consolidate consumer loans. It is also possible to include in the buy-back plan debts of various kinds such as, for example, a tax debt (tax arrears) or a family debt (cash advance), etc.

One of the advantages of buying back consumer loans for first-time homebuyers is that the mortgage is retained, it is not bought back with consumer credit. It is therefore the opportunity to reduce the amount of monthly payments of various consumer credit subscribed in addition to the mortgage. The amount of monthly payments can be reduced by up to 60% in order to allow the applicant(s) to find a debt ratio adapted to their ability to repay.

Purchase of owner’s credit with guarantee

Purchase of owner

The purchase of homeowner credit with a guarantee is a repurchase of mortgage credit. The is backed by a mortgage registration for the amount financed. The mortgage is required by the bank to guarantee large amounts of money, usually over € 80,000.

The advantage of the purchase of credit with guarantee is that the mortgage can be grouped with all consumer credit to obtain a single monthly payment to manage. This makes it easier to manage the household budget through a single bank levy. As a result, you also reduce the cost of borrower insurance by having only one covered borrower insurance to pay.

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